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Qingqi thousand troops,moncler jackets kids cheap with the commander of the post with,in accordance with the requirements of Lee nirvana,slow walk!Although soldiers continue to move forward,but underneath are whispering to talk about this time of the action! "You said the marshal was not called us to die a thousand scooters for thirty thousand troops!We played before?" "You do not say these,and wait to be captain heard the bad!moncler jackets kids cheap But I do believe generalissimo,there will be a purpose!"Another soldier answered with! However,everyone has a different idea.As a commander,how can he not see his own subordinates mind it!Thus,Zhang noise child at them and said: "We worry!moncler jackets kids cheap This time we do not clash directly with the enemy,but the Pathfinder it!Look at how the strength of the enemy,Marshal return again." In the two mountains,watching the brigade are tied Lee nirvana.And he commanded the generals,a large collection of stone and wood!Lee nirvana in order,the army had started to get busy!The two major generals Lee nirvana hear words like finally figured out like,also joined the army in busy. Lee nirvana that sent one thousand thirty thousand cavalry finally met the enemy!Of course,that thirty thousand enemy also found such a team!moncler jackets kids cheap But thirty thousand of the enemy did not come to kill everyone in the end only the weigh how to do! "General,let me put one thousand cavalry led kill!"Enemy one captain said. "No!This could be treacherous enemy,do not in dollars!Is also possible that only one thousand cavalry forward!Later there will be a large number of troops!"Enemy generals explained. "The general lesson was right!"Enemy captain said! However,they are too completely ignored the eleven Qingqi up!Would have thought they would run away,moncler jackets kids cheap did not think this one thousand scooters Lee nirvana,standing height,thirty thousand troops to throw it!Hundreds of people dead and wounded among the good moment!So the enemy sent Qingqi chase,but when you catch up to,someone has made an early run away. In this way,to and fro several times,which more shot thousand light cavalry more cool,has been to provoke the enemy could not,in general,led toward a thousand light cavalry to kill; centurions saw them kill up,he commanded everyone who put him to throw the whole thing back to running!moncler jackets kids cheap Maintain a distance with the enemy,catch-me! Soon,a thousand cavalry entered the army ambush Lee nirvana,nirvana Lee stood on the mountain,looking at his Jichong thousand scooters come back,and looking at the back of the dusty,it seems that it should be an enemy to kill up! Lee nirvana authentic smile:"I did not expect people in this world quite clever,would have thought that as long as a thousand cavalry do bait,you will come out eventually,I plan to go to ferment until the two count.!" Lee nirvana against captain said:"moncler jackets kids cheap You notice you in the past,to do to prepare for the ready!" "Yes!Marshal adults!"The captain quietly in a mountain ambush soldiers ran down! When the enemy by thirty two big ridge mountains above the Rolling Stones and wood,constantly rolling down!Between thirty enemy sometimes scared to turn back!But Lee nirvana How to give them that opportunity,right?Just enter two large ridge in the middle,moncler jackets kids cheap the Lee nirvana have commanded the soldiers to plug up the thick posterior fagot!Constantly burning,plus rolling down the hill stone and wood,resulting in a large mess. "Put a rocket!"Lee nirvana hair authentic life. On both sides of the hills,numerous rockets fired in the middle of the soldiers constantly.In the role of the rocket ignited,burning wood roll down like a great ball of fire.At this time a large screams!Those poor enemy had a chance to retreat was crushed stone,or is a rocket shot! "Everyone who go out with me!Quick!"Enemy captain felt panicked,pulled a little runaway horses,rushed toward the fire! "It is time,Seiji you stay here,I want the army to kill it!"Lee nirvana against Jinger Road next to them! "Ah,you be careful!"Seiji nodded authentic. In the war drums,an elite brigade to kill off the slopes!moncler jackets kids cheap Hundreds of thousands of troops continue to die toward the remaining less than ten thousand of the enemy killed in the past,surrounded them up! Originally enemy captain thought he hew a path,you can go with a bodyguard fled,all of a sudden it turns out it has been surrounded dense army,murderous heavy! "Surrender not kill!"General Road. "Kill,kill!"Hundreds of thousands of troops on hand holding the weapon,very compatible with the slaughter,to their murderous waves roaring! Lee nirvana enemy army was frightened by a tight crop circle,a look of helpless,but they do not intend to lay down their weapons and surrender! Then the great general at them and said:"moncler jackets kids cheap do not kill surrender !!" Then,big hands aloft,around their army,a team,a team holding a shield to squat down,behind the archers,and teams to coming in,and pull over the bow,aim at the enemy forced into a round Army.Tens of thousands of enemy archers looked around,took aim at those sharp arrows own heart can not help but be in fear. Against his comrades next you see me,I see you,then move on to their captain who went,captain also go around in the middle of the generals looked and saw the enemy generals hands tightly holding a large sword .Nirvana army against Lee said: "The coach can not let you speak!" "Give up!Our coach is how you mere visibility of a small general!Give you another chance,a vote of no surrender,no surrender!Kill!"Two great generals big drinking Road! "Kill !!Kill moncler jackets kids cheap !!Sha Shasha !!!"hundreds of thousands of troops to respond next war soy voice sounded again! "Pound !!!!!" Leftover dead soldiers knew he would lose,but without their general orders,and they dare not surrender,though they fear death,but the soldier's duty is to obey,absolute obedience! "General!We surrender!"Said a captain disturbed. After a few captain,said:"General,we do not want to fight everybody surrender!!" "General ." Enemy generals,looked around the coldness of hair with an arrow,watching his soldiers,and looked back the mountain of corpses; not help tears,knowing the enemy's treacherous,but why is guilty of this mistake!Mouth cursed: "moncler jackets kids cheap Qingqi team are damn!" At this time,the group get out of a road,Lee nirvana came in with a sinister expression,looked to be surrounded by thousands of the enemy!Smiled authentic:"!I just heard you Tianyuan Reich Marshal are you looking for me?" See twenties Lee nirvana,not only looks handsome handsome,but there is an air Bazhe,and saw him around the circumference of the soldiers is very respectable,and my heart to know that he should be a big man to come Tianyuan empire,but to be sure. Enemy generals asked:"You do not it is the recent spread of the gods,immortal mortal tube how to intervene in a matter of time?" "Haha !!Who regardless of mortal immortal things,give you ten seconds to surrender or else!-" Lee nirvana has not yet finished,out of the clutches of a surge of ten very large force,an enemy soldier,so fly up from the ranks,after a golden fingerprints,fly from Lee nirvana hand out printed soldier body,so dead soldiers to dead do not know how he is dead. "Otherwise kill !!"Lee nirvana cold tunnel. Lee nirvana just looked so easy to kill a man after my heart ten soldiers fear moncler jackets kids cheap,lest a careless like just that one. At this time,Lee began a few numbers to nirvana!"One ." "Ah -"a soldier screams. "Two ." "Ah -"Another soldier screams. The two soldiers,the same as before the soldier was Lee nirvana with Jingang Zhang hit him die.But they did not dare to counterattack,just one move,all around support tens of thousands of arrows on the arrows on them. "Three ." "Ah -" Hear screams of panic.